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"As a new grad RN, it’s hard to land your dream job right away. But iHireNursing helped me get an interview in the hospital I wanted and later to get hired ! Thanks iHireNursing!"

Alexa G.

Long Beach, CA
"I just have to praise the excellent job has done for me. I received over 15 calls with offers over two days. Can't beat the great service."

Gabriela D.

Sunnyvale, TX
"I am very pleased with iHireNursing. The first day I received three job offers! The response was incredible! Thank you so much!!"

Stephanie G.

Clio, MI
"The iHire network is worth every penny! Keep up the great work!"

Pamela - The iHire network is worth every penny

"iHireNursing gives a person a real sense of what jobs are being offered, at what rate, and for legitimate companies. "

Linda Armada

Poway, CA
"Great place to get job offers!"


Bainbridge, GA
"Using the membership landed me my first LVN job. It was convenient to get a notification every time a new job posted online. Trying to be one of the first 5 applicants will give you better odds for a call back. Thanks and good luck to all my nursing sisters. 😊👍"


San Antonio, TX
"Within two weeks I found a job and was hired. iHireNursing is a more effective tool for job hunting in the medical field. Thank you."


Missoula, MT
"You wrote my Cover Letter and I sent it out, and within a few days employers were calling back to back ! I am impressed with the outcome. I think I might have a job now!!! I wish I knew about this site 2 months ago."

Lashonda G.

" Due to your efforts, I have received many calls for interviews, which led to multiple offers of employment. I have accepted a position at this time, but will be ready to move to a different state in approximately 18 months. Therefore, I will not hesitate to have my updated resume sent out again. Thank you!!!"

Karissa M.

New Windsor, NY
"Found the perfect job through iHire. Love the ability to match jobs to my resume."


"I posted my resume and received an interview call the next day for a very impressive job opportunity."

Christie H.

"Very easy to apply for jobs and"

Dina - Very easy to apply for jobs and I…

"iHireNursing always kept me updated on the newest job openings and other nursing opportunities."

Deborah W.

Louisville, KY
"IHire helped greatly in finding a position. Thank you!"

Tee M.

Malverne, NY
"I am now working at Wilmington Health, Thank you so much for this website. "

LaTasha M.

Hampstead, NC
"I want to say thank you to iHireNursing because they help you get the exposure you need to get or find job openings that match your criteria. Use iHireNursing and you won't regret it. I'm a witness to that. Thanks iHireNursing!!!!"

Esther A.

"I just wanted to say thank you - I found a wonderful part-time job through your site."

Orline W.

Dorchester, MA
"I really like this site, they have been great with finding jobs in my area."

Stacey B.

Napoleonville, LA
"Job searching requires a lot of time. iHire saves me that time while also reaching employers I otherwise would be unable to reach. "

Deirdra J.

Lincolnwood, IL
"iHireNursing gave me an idea of what jobs are available with my type of qualifications. Thank you."

Joyce K.

Houston, TX
"I have now secured a job thanks in part to the professional help I received in making my resume more marketable. I am still pinching myself."

S L.

Syracuse, NY
"This tool was very helpful for me with locating potential Health Care Institutions that I wanted to align myself with. They were mostly up to date, and after I saw the posting, I then went directly to the Actual web site and applied. I was very pleased that I had multiple organizations that expressed in interest in me, that I did not need to take the first one offered. "

Raymond D.

Miami Beach, FL
"Your site is very rich in information on very outstanding jobs. Keep up the good efforts at reaching out to humanity."

Abimbola S.

Washington, DC
"Great matching skills based off my resume."

Vanessa - Great matching skills based off my…

"IHireNursing matched me up with the jobs that better fit my skills based off of my resume. You could also try premium for 7 days and that helped me get hired fast within that time frame. Thank you iHireNursing 😃"

Vanessa G.

Merced, CA
"I found a job within one week!"

Kelly M.

San Mateo, CA
"I was in search of a job to fit my work- life balance. I found a great job through iHireNursing! ! I was glad I went to premium membership! ! Thank you! !"

Kimberly M.

Haughton, LA
"I am finding iHire very informative and helpful in my search for new avenues within my nursing career."

Susan L.

"It kept my options open while searching for the perfect lpn positions"

Tiffani D.

Moberly, MO
"I'm not sure if IHire was directly responsible for my job success, because I had to apply to the company's website also. But it definitely gave me insight in to who was hiring, who was not. And who had to keep rehiring for the same position. That all made me successful in finding the nearly perfect job. "

Nancy Rapach

Milton, FL
"iHire provided many jobs that were equal to my experience. Some turned into interviews. I just decided to go a little different route than my previous background. If I was ever in the job market again, I would definitely use them."

Christine H.

New Braunfels, TX
"They definitely helped me out! I used the resume writer Laurie B. and she was awesome. I felt she genuinely cared and went above and beyond to help me. The whole service is pretty legit, I got a job offer in less than 2 weeks."

Jonathan W.

"I got a job after a few weeks , will recommend iHireNursing."

Silvana L.

Lantana, FL
"Excellent resource. Very pleased."


"Your service has been more than satisfactory. I have received several calls regarding my cover letter...........your company has been wonderful for me, and I will recommend it to colleagues. Thank you very much for putting my name out to so many facilities. "

Kelly B.

Kissimmee, FL
" I received interview offers from 4 companies. I am currently interviewing for the second time for what I hope to be my NEW job!!! "

Ann L.

Logansport, IN
"I've gotten responses from hiring managers on practically every position I've applied to through iHireNursing! "

Dianne R.

Mountain View, CA
" I thank you so much for helping me to get a job. May God uphold your company."

Folasade Mary O.

"One day and I had a position that I am ecstatic about!"


"I am very impressed with your assistance. Very, very helpful."

Lucky, Oluchi N.

Saint Paul, MN
"I found the posting on your site, tweaked my resume to get it into the 90s. and now I have the job."

Dianne R.

Mountain View, CA
"Within 24 hours of posting my resume I was contacted by a high-end agency for Ohio State Hospital! This site really works!"

Tiffany C.

South Vienna, OH
"The quality of jobs you provided was impressive. I've told my friends about your site if they need a job Thanks for all the help Patty Bryant"

Patricia B.

Wesley Chapel, FL
"I found a job through iHire one night and sent my resume. The next morning I was contacted by the employer and set up a interview. I was amazed at how fast I was contacted and believe that because of iHire I am employed today."

Faith N.

Annandale, MN
"I am very pleased with the services provided by iHireNursing. I have received numerous interested employers, including the federal government. Thank you for your services!"

Tammy M.

"I registered for the free trial on IHireNursing and applied for two jobs near me, I got a call the next day from the employer and set up an in person interview the next day. I went to the interview and got called back later that day asking me if I would accept the job! I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a great job, but can't find it on the regular Google site. I looked for jobs for 2 months before I tried this! So glad I stumbled upon this site! "

Dia J.

Comanche, OK
"I have just started using this site after Monster and others, and I find this to be the best site! The jobs that you send me information about exactly meet my requirements, as opposed to all the other sites. This site is user friendly! I hope that very soon I will be starting a new job, thanks to your service!"

Abby B.

" I found a job as Clinical Director of eKidz Care in Lancaster, PA. Thank you for your assistance, I really like the fact that this site is specific to the Nursing field because I received more relevant postings. "

Christina M.

Lancaster, PA
"Receiving emails with jobs available, exposed me to other companies that I wasn’t aware of. "

Valerie J.

Layton, UT
"This service helped me find an excellent position as a new grad PMHNP. "

Raven N.