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After over 18-years of successfully leading other correctional healthcare organizations, we realized there was a much better way. We knew our on-site teams and counties deserved better and we knew we could make a difference, therefore we followed through with our passion and vision and conceived and established CorrHealth. We founded CorrHealth specifically to partner with counties in Texas, New Mexico and other states throughout the Southwest and provide them, and our teams with a fresh, honest and hands-on solution to their comprehensive inmate medical, mental, ancillary and community healthcare programs and services.

We have the tenure, we’ve earned the credibility and we have the experience to seamlessly and successfully recruit professional teams, transition, manage and support successful teams and deliver the inmate healthcare programs and services in facilities with daily populations as small as 25 and as large as 2,900. Since launching CorrHealth, we have earned a respected reputation for providing counties with true-transparency and the critical details which they’ve never been provided by other providers.

Our unique approach increases the standard of care provided to our inmate patients, it deceases risk and liability, all while working within the County’s budgetary guidelines. We are passionate about our business and we’re committed to work harder, smarter and we have the integrity to be fully-transparent and always “Do Right” for our leadership and teams, our inmate patients, the Counties and in the communities we proudly serve.

CorrHealth is the provider of choice when Integrity, Transparency and a True-Partnership matter.

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