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How To Hire Remote Nursing Professionals

The shift to telehealth has created a demand for skilled, competent nursing professionals who can deliver care from a distance. The telehealth industry is forecasted to grow at a five-year compound annual rate of 38.2% by 2025, according to a study by Frost & Sullivan.

Since interest in telehealth services has never been higher, you’ll need to find nurses who can work efficiently from behind a screen. Here’s what you should know to find the right candidates for remote nursing jobs.

Skills to Look for When Hiring Remote Nursing Professionals

Most remote healthcare jobs do not require any specific certification for nurses to work in telehealth. However, you should be looking for candidates with several years of bedside experience as a registered nurse (RN).  Some telehealth nursing jobs require the Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification, which proves nurses’ capability to provide care to patients in ambulatory care settings (outside of hospitals).

For remote nursing jobs, a candidate needs strong communication and patient care skills. Candidates for remote nursing positions should be self-motivated and able to work independently. They should also possess strong written and verbal communication skills. If they don’t have experience providing care through phone or video technology, they should be able to demonstrate their expertise in communication and independent decision-making.

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Where to Find Telehealth Candidates

To target the right candidates, make sure your virtual care job ad clearly includes the words “virtual,” “remote,” or “telehealth” within the job title. Other keywords you can use include “home-based,” “work-from-home,” or “telecommute.” It’s best to use a specialized job board like iHireNursing so you’ll be more likely to receive inquiries from qualified nurses.

Advice for Reviewing Resumes

Candidate resumes should highlight the applicant’s degree, license, and certifications. If the candidate needs to practice in multiple states, look for an active multi-state license or find out if they will be able to obtain one.

Because managing technology is such an important part of the job, candidates should also clearly illustrate their experience with telephone or video consultations, electronic medical records systems (EMRs), and any patient care technologies that are used by your office. Look for a history of successfully managing emails, phone lines, and online portals for medical offices.


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Interview Questions To Ask

Focus your interview questions on the candidate’s ability to provide patient care in a virtual format. Find out why the candidate wants to work in telehealth and if they have any past experience in providing care via email, video chat, or phone.

Ask the candidate to share an example of how they maintained a high standard of communication in previous health care positions. Was there ever a time when they had to make a decision over the phone or email while dealing with a patient? Their answer could provide insight as to how well the candidate assesses medical needs virtually.

Finally, ask the candidate to share how they keep accurate and detailed records — an essential part of remote nursing jobs.


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By iHire | March 18, 2021